Ducar Atom 15 FC Sprinkler

The atom 15 FC sprinklers, small and medium discharge, operate over a full 360 degrees. It is equipped with various interchangeable nozzles and an adjustable jet breaker. This model, made from engineering plastics, is long lasting with optimum efficiency. It is ideal for fixed installation and over-tree irrigation of orchards, vineyards and nurseries.

Comes with 3 NOZZLES (End Plug - 3.2 - 5.5 mm) and a jet breaker.

The Atom 15 FC sprinkler is most commonly used for agricultural spray irrigation of grains including wheat, barley or corn, alfalfa, beets, potatoes, legumes and tubers.

By using the body angle of 270, optimum irrigation can be ensured. Thanks to its nozzle used as a blind plug, your sprinkler head can be also used with only one trajectory. In windy regions, the arm can be switched easily and water outlet of 220 can be used as a driver trajectory. Thanks to this, it will spray the water from a lower point and so, the impact of wind will be the minimum.

This sprinkler has a medium flow sprayer, specifically designed to operate at different angles and under extreme temperature conditions. “It is a male rotor 1” circular farm, made of engineering plastic and has two references depending on the angle of mounting.

The Atom 15FC sprinkler can work with one or two nozzle. The main nozzle is 27° inclination to the horizontal plane and the secondary 22°.

These nozzles can be used in four combinations to suit the different working conditions.

1) Main nozzle 27°, second nozzle 22° for standard conditions.

2) Main nozzle 22°, second nozzle 27° for windy conditions.

3) Main nozzle 27°, second nozzle closed for standard low water applications.

4) Main nozzle 22°, second nozzle closed for windy low water applications.

  • $25.00