Ducar Atom 28 Sprinkler

Ducar ATOM 28 Metal is a NEW model of our mid volume sprinklers which provides long shooting range with perfectly even distribution at a great price!

Some unique benefits of DuCaR ATOM 28 Metal sprinkler:

  • Comes with 3 different METAL nozzles (10, 12, 14 mm)
  • 2 Trajectories
  • Runs on pressure range between 29 to 70 psi
  • Full and part (angle-adjusted) circle irrigation
  • Irrigates up to 56m diameter
  • Lays down 6.5 to 18.8 tons of water per hour
  • Dynamic or attached jet breakers
  • Provides perfectly even distribution with its ADJUSTABLE jet breaker from the sprinkler all the way out to the end of the throw
  • Replaceable nozzle ends and two-hole water outlets allow you to irrigate your field excellently by using minimum water
  • Great for any field crops and vegetables
  • Auto BRAKE system for keeping slow rotation speed on high pressure.
  • Full METAL Body and BRASS housing.
  • $249.00