Ducar Green 70 Sprinkler

Ducar Green 70 is a gear driven, part and full circle sprinkler which provides perfect irrigation with the performance, technology, reliability and the feature of uniform coverage at a great price!

Some unique benefits of Green 70:

  • Rotatable sprinkler heads with gearbox and adjustable for full or part circle coverage, featuring medium and high pressure operations (2 to 6 Bars), and high efficiency. 
  • This model is an introduction to the economical series. Changeable nozzles for a  perfect irrigation with evenly distributed water
  • Suitable for using in any type of delicate or rough agricultural applications; widely used especially on wheat, maize, and clover. 
    Makes full and semi-circle turns at the same speed; 
  • Ideal for agricultural areas, sport fields, and mines; suitable for portable and fixed systems.
  • It has new type special paint; new type powder paint makes it much more durable against environmental effects.

Technical Specifications

  • $649.00
  • $690.00