We have a wide range of off-grid solar and self-powered water pumps for those remote areas of your farm.

Come see us at Mystery Creek.

 Below are some questions to consider when looking at off grid pumping.

  1. How much water is required per day on average?
  2. How high does the water need to be lifted, and over what distance?
  3. What is the size (inside diameter or ID) of the pipe being used?
  4. What is your water source (dam, creek, bore)?
  5. How close to the pump can solar panels be located?

These are the questions we will want to ask you to make sure we can supply a pump suitable to your needs.

Testamonial  "All our systems are working great. We have 3 React pumps and one Solar Sub100.

Solar is magnificent, 4 panels on each of the pumps and its incredible how they tick away even on very grey days. People who ask me about them get hung up on the fact they don’t pump at night, but its never been an issue for us, we have plenty of storage they are pumping to so that water storage acts as a battery more or less – well that’s how I see it anyway.

The Solar Sub pumps from a spring. Works brilliantly and pumps way more water that what the spec’s say. In the height of summer we’d be getting 20,000L no worries. Was starting to notice it slowing up and replaced the screw (4 months) and that fixed the problem, relatively easy to replace once I’d watched a couple of youtube clips.

Beauty with both pump types is they seem simple and I can replace seals etc myself so not reliant on tracking down a tradie!"  Bryan Rendle.

Please ensure you have a chat to Steve about your needs to make sure we supply you the correct pump for your situation.

Steve Gullick. 021 0277 3762  /  steve@perkinz.co.nz