Our sheep handling solutions include our ShearMaster woolshed race delivery systems, CrutchMaster crutching trailers, our DrenchMaster sheephandler, our 4 arm sheep antibackers and our new 12V Sheep Jetter, all designed to make handling sheep faster and easier for both the farmer and animals. 

CrutchMaster crutching trailer working in Australia. Photo courtesy of Anywhere Crutching.

Coming Fieldays: We will have a booth set up at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show, Sheepvention in Hamilton and Lambex in Adelaide. 

Crutching trailers (The CrutchMaster) have been, and continue to be our flagship product and we now have around 230 of them working around Australia and New Zealand. Our DrenchMasters, Anti-Backers and 12V Jetter complement our range, and all use the same simple, low tech approach that has made the CrutchMaster successful.

Take a look at our CrutchMaster operators throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The recent release of our ShearMaster system has been very well received, with strong initial sales in Tasmania and now Victoria. We believe, given its versatility, that it will be the shearing solution of choice for the future.

Check out our products below and feel free to contact Wayne for more info.