We have created this page specifically for our CrutchMaster operators. It has a three-fold motivation. 

Recruit Staff

We want to help staff, and potential staff to get in touch with CrutchMaster Contractors. Working on a CrutchMaster makes much more sense than traditional crutching. E.g  less affected by weather, potentially higher through-put means staff are more productive, less stress on body. 

Let Farmers find you.

We appreciate that many of our operators are already full up with more work than they can handle, but it’s always handy for farmers to know who is offering a service. 

Create a Community.

This page will also help our CrutchMaster operators to find each other, share staff, and
help each other out, as and when required. 

Info we need is 

Name you want Displayed / Nearest Town / State/Region / Country / Email Address / Phone Number / How many stands. 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc?

Note. This page is under construction and we will be adding contacts to it over the next few months.