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Aquatec SWP 4000 Turnkey Kit

$2,900.00 Incl. Shipping

The SWP4000 Kit includes a pump, 15m of PV cable, connectors, controller, 280W PV panel and is all wired up and ready to clip together.

The SWP-4000 Solar submersible pump is ideal for remote off-grid locations for home and livestock water needs. Can pump to a height of 70m, and up to 2,500 litres per day.

The Aquatec SWP Series are electric positive displacement diaphragm pumps. Internal over pressure protection is included in the design of the pump to protect all components in the installation.

The maximum pump diameter of the SWP-4000 is 95mm (3-3/4”), designed to fit into a standard 100mm (4”) well casing.

Features & Benefits
  • Made in USA with proven Aquatec design and quality.
  • SWP-4000 fits well casings 100mm (4”) or larger. 
  • Pump is protected from moisture intrusion by double o-ring seals.
  • Capable of pumping from depths of up to 70m (SWP-4000),
  • Able to operate with voltage up to 30 VDC.
  • Rugged Stainless Steel shell construction for optimum durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Factory-installed 91 cm of 3.31mm2 (12 AWG ) motor leads eliminate failure from improperly field-installed leads.
  • Dual-size port outlet can accommodate 15mm (½”) hose barb and ½” drop pipe (15.8mm ID) or 18mm (5/8”) hose barb.
  • Anti-wicking cable entrance protects the motor from an incorrectly installed splice.
  • Over-sized eyelet for easy installation of safety line.
  • Built-in 50 mesh stainless steel screen to prevent debris intrusion.
  • Field serviceable with our full line of repair kits.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty. -dependant on the pump being installed correctly. 

The Aquatec APC-30-250 controller is designed specifically to be an interface between a photovoltaic array, and the Aquatec SWP series submersible pumps.

It is a solid state power converter that optimizes and protects the solar well pump.

The controller automatically extends pump run time by the use of current boosting, and provides protection from excessive Voltage and Current, as well as dry-running. 

UV stabilized NEMA 4 weather proof enclosure, Linear Current Booster, maximum output voltage 30Vdc and open circuit voltage 45Vdc.