Perkinz New Zealand - EB Engineering

CrutchMaster Contractor


The Contractor CrutchMaster is a fully set up sheep crutching trailer suitable for on-road use by a contractor travelling from farm to farm. Just needs extension power cords, shearing or dagging overheads, handpiece's and some sheep and you're good to go.

Two Perkinz crutching trailers set up together.

Above: Two three stand Contractor CrutchMaster's set up together to give a six stand option.

It includes: adjustable race, split cradle, knee release, neck flaps, eye blinds, walkway, decoy pen, auto on/off hand piece switch, leg restraint, in-feed ramp & walk ramp, adjustable shade/rain roof, spare tyre, jockey wheel, axle stand, trailer wiring and lights, wheels & guards, dura-torque suspension.  * the 3 stand crutching trailer is braked

Please contact Wayne for more information.