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DrenchMaster Stationary

$5,123.00 Incl. Shipping

The DrenchMaster Manual Sheep Handler is a simple and effective system that allows for safe and fast handling of ewes and lambs.

It is simple to set up, operate and is a system that works off the age-old principle of sheep following each other - as the sheep walk/run past you, you lean forward clamping the sheep in the race which keeps your hands free to drench, vaccinate, inspect, etc. You then lean away which releases the crush, the sheep then runs off the end of the race and the next one follows it through and then is clamped. 

It comes with a ratchet locking mechanism that holds the clamp shut for you or if you wish you can activate the foot-operated pedal which disengages the ratchet and allows crush to move in and out freely.

The four-arm adjustable anti-backer which comes as standard keeps the sheep moving forward and helps maintain an even and consistent flow.

The unit is shipped as a flat-pack and will require about an hours assembly with basic tools.

Price includes GST and Freight*

*For New Zealand customers we will freight to your nearest Toll Freight Depot

*For Australian customers we will freight to our Melbourne warehouse.

The DrenchMaster is 2.4m long and weighs 115 kgs.