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High Lifter - Water Pump

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The person who was building the High-Lifter is no longer doing so. Given the strong interest we have decided to start making them and are working through the process now. It is our intent that we will have High-Lifters available for purchase around February 2024.

They will be similar but slightly different dimensions as we can't get the exact same tubing. Unfortunately, this will mean we can't supply parts to existing High-Lifters but we will be able to supply you with new ones.  If you want one, please enquire and we will let you know when the first batch are ready for sale. They will be available for purchase globally.

The High Lifter is ideal for remote locations that have at least 9 metres of fall available.

This fantastic small self-powered water-pump requires NO power source and NO electricity which makes it ideal for remote areas. It’s NOT a ram pump; instead, it’s a pressure intensifier piston pump that creates virtually no noise.

Two significant features are how incredibly simple it is to install (literally just connect it to a length of poly-pipe and that's it) and its longevity (with the correct set-up you can expect years of trouble-free pumping). 

Perkinz supply gravity water pumps for remote areas.

Key Information:

  • Requires a fall between 9 metres and up to 40 metres
  • Flowing water – about a litre a second
  • Can pump up to 7,000 litres per day
  • Capable of delivering water to a height of over 300 metres

Product Code   4.5/1 model HLH44.   9/1 model HLH49

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