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Perkinz Solar Sub 15HF/6PV Turnkey Kit

$8,350.00 Incl. Shipping

Complete turnkey solar water pump solution capable of pumping 100,000 litres of water per summer day to a height of 15 metres.


- Perkinz Solar Sub 15HF Pump and controller

- 6 x 415W Solar PV Panel (2490 Watts)

- 15m cable

- Mounting rail, mounting brackets(you need to build the platform)

- Auto On/Off Pressure sensor, and pressure gauge.

System comes fully wired up and just needs PV cable to be clipped in to the PV panels. It is tested and checked by Steve before being sent, and Steve is the person you will call if you have any questions during installation.

Please contact Wayne before you purchase as he will want to check that it will do the job for you. 

He will want to know the following

- how much water you need pumped per day in summer

- how high and how far you need to pump water, and through what size pipe

- your water source(bore, dam, stream etc)

- distance of solar panels from pump


Price includes GST & Freight to your nearest Toll Freight Depot.

1 Year back to base warranty.