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React Solar Water Pump

$3,550.00 Incl. Shipping

We now only sell the React Pump 2 which has :

  • Stronger base - 4mm grade 5 aluminium
  • Fully enclosed BLDC and Nano PCB in aluminium enclosure & base 
  • Stronger molded larger fairing that is very easy to remove
  • Side water connections (easy to access) with quick connect stainless fittings.
  • Packed head - so can keep running if you get a small seal leak without any consequences
  • Spare parts kit for 2 services - 2 years assuming clean water and correct installation
  • Improved foot valve

Active sensor & software protection to detect and prevent:

  • overheating - run dry, ambient, freezing  and electronics overload 
  • LED communication of fault error
  • motor stalling
  • tank full - turns off (not new)

The React Pump comes with:  

  • React Pump 2
  • Fairing & baseplate
  • Foot valve and filter bags
  • 3m x 25mm clear suction line
  • Float Switch
  • Non-return valve
  • PTFE Tape
  • Stainless steel fixing kit with driver
  • 2 service spare parts kit (includes 2x wet side seals, 2x small oil seals, large oil seal,m pressure sensor, set of valves, oil seal drilling jigs, 2.5mm drill bit and extraction screws, anti-seize grasem rubber grease)
  • 750m; SAW 15W-140 oil
  • 24 Month Warranty* 

These are the main advantages:

  • Far more cost-effective than the competition.

  • Far more efficient than the competition (world best in class, peak pumping efficiency 64%).

  • Do it yourself - No builder, electrician or water take permit needed (in NZ).

  • Lightweight <20kg (no risk of lifting injuries) and 1 person can install it. Easy to move to a workshop for servicing.

  • Direct drive (no gearbox to add weight, cost and complexity).

  • High-efficiency motor (up to 80% efficient).

  • Brushless motor (no brushes to wear out in the motor).

  • Electronic motor driver (up to 95% efficient) with MPPT (maximum power point tracking).

  • High-efficiency plunger triplex pump (up to 85% efficient).

  • Slow running rpm (in the range 200-1200rpm) makes it quiet and durable.

  • Built tough for global export and fits into a DHL export carton.

  • Will pump to a set pressure (the point where the ball cock starts to close) and then stop.

  • The pressure stop point is set via a simple push-button. The default setting is 300 head and a 30 minute wait time.

  • React pumps last longer because each individual component does less work. The flow of water from a triplex pump is relatively constant so no pressure dampener is needed.

  • Can pump clean or dirty water (within reason) as plunger pumps are less prone to damage than piston pumps. The plunger does not run in a bore where abrasive grit can become trapped.

  • If the super-hard ceramic plungers are ever damaged they are low cost and quick to replace.

  • Is light enough to mount on a pontoon that floats on the surface of water of storage dams, lakes and river - eliminating the need for high suction lifts. Sucking water from more than 8m below the pump is problematic for all pumps.

This listing is for the pump only, Add PV Panels according to your requirements.

Price includes GST & FREIGHT in New Zealand

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