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Shear/CrutchMaster Long Race


e Perkinz ShearMaster is a genuinely cost-effective and shearer-friendly alternative to traditional woolsheds that eliminates the catching pen and can allow for a multi-purpose shed. 

Instead of catching pens, the ShearMaster delivers sheep to the shearer via a race delivery system which greatly reduces the distance the shearer needs to drag the animal.

The irrefutable laws of physics dictate that it takes less time and energy to drag a sheep half a metre than 3-4 metres.

If you are shearing 250 sheep that average 80kgs in a traditional shearing shed you are either dragging 20,000 kgs about 3-4 metres, or you are dragging 80kgs about 800 to 1,000 metres.

And of course, crutching, which means having to drag even greater numbers of sheep, just amplifies the problem. I’ll let you decide which makes the most sense!

Five stand ShearMaster shearing system in action in Tasmania

Above shows a 5 stand ShearMaster in action in July 2023

 A feature of the ShearMaster is that it uses a long race system that allows a decent number of sheep to be readily available, hence reducing how often the system needs filled from the forcing pens. A five stand ShearMaster race can hold about 35 to 40 sheep which is around 7 to 8 sheep per shearer.

An added bonus of the long race is that it positions the sheep in the right direction, so the shearer does not need to turn the animal around once they have taken it from the race.

Another significant feature is the no-hands race latch that allows the shearer to remove sheep quickly and safely from the race just by leaning their hip against the flap. There is no latch to flick or gate to pull open, just lean over to get the sheep and the flap will unlock automatically.

But arguably the most innovative feature of the ShearMaster, is that by dropping the height of the shearing board, and attaching our CrutchMaster cradles, it becomes an upright sheep crutching system that eliminates not only bending over but the catch and drag as well.

The ShearMaster requires less space than traditional shearing designs which allows for a smaller new shed to be built, or an older shed to be retrofitted out. Also given the saving in sheep grating space required, it allows for many sheds to become multi-purpose and have farm implements stored when woolshed is not in use which means better use of the capital cost.

The design process has been driven by a shearer, not an engineer, and the philosophy behind it is simple.

Build a cost-effective yet innovative system that gives shearing, crutching and upright cradle crutching options, and makes shearing safer, faster, and easier.

If you're a farmer who wants wool harvesting to be easy and profitable and are looking for more control over weather, labour costs and capital expenditure, then Enquire Now to find out why a Perkinz ShearMaster will give you more time, less stress and a much better use of your money.

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