React Solar Water Pump 1120W Turnkey Kit

Previously called the SHP Triplex, the React Pump is a cost-effective and very efficient solar water pump, for farms and remote areas, that is capable of pumping to a 160m head.

We are currently taking orders for spring delivery, looking at around the end of September.

These are the main advantages:
  • Do it yourself - No builder, electrician or water take permit needed (in NZ).

  • Direct drive (no gearbox to add weight, cost and complexity).

  • Brushless motor (no brushes to wear out in the motor).

  • Electronic motor driver (up to 95% efficient) with MPPT (maximum power point tracking).

  • High-efficiency plunger triplex pump (up to 85% efficient).

  • Slow running rpm (in the range 200-1200rpm) makes it quiet and durable.

  • Built tough for global export and fits into a DHL export carton.

  • Will pump to a set pressure (the point where the ball cock start to close) and then stop.

  • React pumps last longer because each individual component does less work. The flow of water from a triplex pump is relatively constant so no pressure dampener is needed.

  • Can pump clean or dirty water (within reason) as plunger pumps are less prone to damage than piston pumps. The plunger does not run in a bore where abrasive grit can become trapped.

  • If the super-hard ceramic plungers are ever damaged they are low cost and quick to replace.

This listing is for React Pump, 1120W Panels(4 x 280W) and 15m cable with connectors. All you need to do is mount Panels and connect the pipe.

Suggest you give Wayne a call to make sure it suits what you are looking to do and also what the delivery time will be.

Price includes GST and Freight.

Check out the Advantages Manual

Check out the Installation Manual

  • $4,840.00