Perkinz New Zealand - EB Engineering

React 1 Solar Spare Pump

$820.00 Incl. Shipping

The React Pump is a very durable product. The triplex ceramic pump can be fully serviced with consumable parts available on this website or through your dealer. 

Some clients who need to service their React pump may decide to swap the body over and service the removed body as time allows - we think this is a good option.

When the day comes that you finally wear it out (or forget to replace the oil after a service that damages it) you can simply bolt on a new pump body.

In NZ labour costs are high, the cost to fully strip down a pump body and replace all bearing services would take 1 person day plus parts, hence it is not economic to provide for this level of servicing. Once you have a crank, big-end or small-end bearing failure the pump body is effectively scrap - unless you enjoy such tasks.

All the wearing parts are in the pump body, so if you replace the body it will be as good as new.