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Go you good thing!
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Go you good thing!

I remember back about thirty odd years ago, when I was doing my second tour of duty shearing in Aussie (Victoria) and being quite astounded by the stories from the old stagers who were saying there were still a number in the industry who didn’t think women should even be in the woolsheds.
I found it hard to believe back then, and even harder to believe now, especially with the growing presence and influence of the new breed of women shearers who are taking the industry by storm and so it was fantastic to hear recently from Jeanine Kimm that she has had nothing but encouragement and support from her male counterparts.
Jeanine is attempting the first ever Women’s Merino Ewe 8-hour Shearing Record on Saturday the 4th of May at ‘Dalkeith’ Cassilis in NSW.
There have been a number of ‘Kiwi’ women shearers attempt and break shearing records over the last few years, with perhaps the two most well-known being Megan Whitehead and Sacha Bond, but Jeanine will be the first ‘Aussie’ woman to have a crack and see where she can set the bar.
Given it’s the first attempt of its type, she will be setting the record no matter what; so you could be forgiven for thinking she won’t be under too much pressure, but she has set a very high expectation for herself and is looking at a lofty goal.
It’s a world record, there is plenty of pressure!
As always with shearing records, there is much you can’t control but she has trained well, has a good team behind her, has determination in spades, and from what the people that know her well have said, a heart the size of a wool press.
From the team at Perkinz we wish her all the best, and we are sure she will do herself, her team, her community and her country proud.
Go Jeanine. Give em hell!



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