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Sam "I am"
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Sam "I am"

I like wool. Wool I like.
“Do you wear wool” I asked Sam. “Absolutely” said Sam “I am”.
That Sam Neill, that Sam Neill, I think I like that Sam Neill.
He wears wool, that clever fox, his feet are warm in woolly sox.
When getting Hollywood awards, a “wool” red carpet he adores.
In the summer when it’s hot, and in the winter when it’s not,
wool will keep him warm or cool, it is a most fantastic tool.
He will wear wool on a plane, he will wear wool on a train,
He will wear wool in a movie, keeps him looking extra-groovy.
When sheep get hot, the Shearer’s shear.
The sheep is pleased, clean underwear!
In looking out for Mother Earth, Sam knows plastic is a curse.
Being 100% sustainable, wool really is “no-brainable.”
So use a natural solution, and help stop all of the pollution.
Be like Sam, who say’s “I am, wearing wool, it’s natures plan.”
Cause Sam will wear wool here and there.
Sam will wear wool anywhere!
Note. Just a bit of light hearted fun to support our wool industry, and give a shout out to Sam for being a good bloke. It is meant to be tongue in cheek and we trust all will take it that way.



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